From intermittent garden blog to creating the @eatmysilverbeet instagram account, the eatmysilverbeet project reignited my passion for photography – the garden theme spilling over to adventure and nature photography, usually near the sea at sunrise, and a desire to share captured moments in nature that spark joy.

Sharing my photos has led to connections and shared inspiration with photographers, gardeners and adventure seekers local and around the globe.

Photography absorbs me in the process of capturing the shot and 99% of all other thoughts are filtered away – taking photos brings me joy, hence my photos are accompanied by the hashtag #joyeachmoment

In 2023 I would love to transform some of my shots beyond digital and into Real Life – maybe onto the walls in your home, shop or office!

Enjoy my gallery xx

*Eat my silverbeet – my mantra for keeping a veggie patch, silverbeet is one of the easiest edibles to grow, and most tasty when plucked from garden to fork – so I always try to keep the silverbeet patch plentiful.

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  1. Great summary of our SUP & Camp experience! Love that you included the pack.list for next time 👌 great blog page, good to see you love your gardening….it’s one of my passions too 💚


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